Current – I’m working on several exciting projects that are still in development. I’m also looking for new projects to get involved with!


August 2017 – ST: New Horizons 

I voiced the ship computer for ST: New Horizons, a Star Trek themed total conversion mod for Stellaris.







August 2017 – Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Trouble

I voiced Rule 34 Sonic in a funny animated short by Mashed.


August 2017 – Of Wickedness and Betrayal

I voiced Prude Lady in a 360 experience about a woman being burned at the stake for witchcraft.


June 2017 – Cutie Cubes

I voiced all of the characters in Cutie Cubes, an iOS game by Trevor Von Ryan.









June 2017 – PSVR Betrayed by Nintendo Switch

I voiced the Nintendo Switch Babes in an animated short by Mashed.


May 2017 – Eucalyptbits Behind-The-Gifs: Episode 1- Chores

I voiced the Mother Bear character in a Eucalyptbits “Behind-The-Gifs” episode by Chase Covington.


April 2017 – Grandma’s First Computer (An Animated Short)

I voiced the narrator, grandmother, and little boy in this HitRecord Short Showcase Project by Linda Hayes-Salter.









April 2017 – Mates³ (A Halo MCC Machinima)

I voiced the character Deborah in the Mates³ machinima series by JKJ Productions.


March 2017 – Shadowvane Podcast

I voiced multiple characters in several different episodes of the Shadowvane Podcast  series “Classic Tales of Terror” and “1692: The Risen.”  You can hear one of those episodes here:


November 2016 – Dream Hills

I voiced some of the kid characters in the video game Dream Hills. The game is a Student Entry in the 2017 Independent Games Festival, you can download and play it for free here!



June 2016 – Scoop Hound

I voiced the elderly character Julia in Episode 6 of the narrative podcast, Scoop Hound. You can hear my part at 7:00 in the episode here.









February 2016 – The Protectors

I voiced a female snake character in a Warlords Battlecry 3 stand-alone mod produced by Infinite Interactive.


February 2016 – Uprising! ROFLPOCALYPSE

I voiced human female sounds for a Kickstarter exclusive iOS game that is a tie-in with the Uprising Movie by Ben Hansford



January 2016 – Fallout 4 – Where’s Our President?

I voiced a news reporter in this Fallout 4 fan video by Chosen Totem.



December 2015 – Sky City VR

I voiced the on-board computer and a frightened citizen character in Sky City VR, a sci-fi exploration game by SideFX.



November 2015Dark Night

I voiced the character Amelia Ash in the horror game, Dark Night, by NightHood Games.



November 2015A Night In The Doghouse

I voiced the character Pip in an audio play by Megan Duncan.



October 2015Byte Rider

I voiced one of the main characters, Weave, in a runner style iOS game by Broken Banana Studios. Get Byte Rider for iPhone or iPad here.




October 2015 – Game Rage

I voiced the character Yi in a League Of Legends fan dub movie by Chosen Totem.



April 2012 – Gutters Of Blood: 28 Frames Later

I did groans, growls, and gurgles for a “zombie bowling” game that was made in 48 hours for the MolyJam Game Jam. Gameplay videos can be found here.



April 2010 – I’m The Number 3!

I helped write a song and sang the vocals for a short animation that was entered in Aniboom’s Sesame Street contest.




May 2008 – Galaxy Gulp

I helped do crowd voices for Galaxy Gulp, a machinima video that was made in the Source Engine by Ross Scott and Noesis Interactive.